What are the benefits of Vectormune ND prevention program?

What are the benefits of Vectormune ND prevention program?

By providing a maximum protection with no side effects, the use of Vectormune ND teams up with the Ceva outstanding services in a perfect combination, which offers a complete solution to control the Newcastle Disease, and brings better profit and peace of mind to the poultry industry.

Thanks to its long experience in collaborating with its customers, Ceva is proud to offer now an outsanding range of services from the hatchery to the further processing, namely:

  • Ceva Hatchery Immunisation Control Keys (C.H.I.C.K.) program
  • Ceva Global Protection Services (GPS)

In order to monitor the correct application of the vaccine, Ceva developed and implemented several years ago the C.H.I.C.K program. More recently, Ceva has introduced the Global Protection Services (GPS) to screen ND pressure on farm and to monitor vaccine take and the serological response to ND.

These service programs are monitored by local and fully dedicated vaccination services managers and veterinary services experts. Several scientific papers and publications are available, which demonstrate the efficacy, safety and compatibility of the vaccine.

A good example is the compatibility between Vectormune® ND and Transmune® providing protection against ND, IBD and MD in one application.