Vectormune® ND product information

Vectormune® ND product information


  • VECTORMUNE® ND contains a live frozen serotype 3 Marek (HVT) vector vaccine virus indicated for use in chickens.
  • The HVT in VECTORMUNE® ND expresses key protective Newcastle
  • VECTORMUNE® ND is indicated as an aid in the prevention of Newcastle disease and Marek’s disease in chickens.
  • Vaccinate embryonated eggs at 18 to 19 days of incubation or day-old chicks

Prior to use, thaw the vaccine and reconstitute immediately using the sterile Marek vaccine diluent.

  • In ovo: 0.05 ml per embryonated egg,
  • Subcutaneous route: 0.2 ml per day-old chick.

Vaccinate healthy susceptible birds only. VECTORMUNE® ND must be the only HVT vaccine administered to the chickens. Good management practices are recommended to reduce exposure to Newcastle disease virus and Marek’s disease virus for at least two weeks following vaccination.

  • Store the vaccine in liquid nitrogen.

Be familiar with all safety and precautionary measures for handling liquid nitrogen to prevent personal injury.

Follow the link to get a summary of the European public assessment report (EPAR) for Vectormune ND.