Vectormune® LT product information


VECTORMUNE® LT contains a genetically engineered Marek’s Disease vaccine of serotype 3 (turkey Herpesvirus or HVT) expressing a Laryngotracheitis virus key protective antigen. This vaccine is presented in a frozen cell associated form.


VECTORMUNE® LT is recommended for use in healthy one-day-old chicks or in 18 to 19 day-old embryonated chicken eggs as an aid in the prevention of Laryngotracheitis and Marek’s Disease.


  • Prior to use, the vaccine must be thawed and diluted appropriately with the vaccine diluent as stated in the package insert. Immediately use the vaccine and mix occasionally to ensure uniform suspension of cells.
  • For in ovo administration embryos are inoculated with one full dose of vaccine (0.05 ml or 0.1 ml)
  • For day-old vaccination, the vaccine should be administered subcutaneously with a 0.2 ml diluted vaccine dose in the back of the neck.


  • Store this vaccine in liquid nitrogen.


  • 1,000; 2,000 and 4,000 dose ampules

For veterinary use only