Vectormune® FP MG advantages

Vectormune® FP MG is a vector vaccine

  • No live MG vaccine induced infections
  • One vaccine provide protection up to multiple diseases, clearing the vaccination schedule

Vectormune® FP MG (+AE) is safe

  • No respiratory vaccine reactions
  • No transmission, shedding or reversion to virulence
  • No interference with other respiratory vaccines
  • Only vaccine which is safe to use in turkeys

Vectormune® FP MG (+AE) is compatible

  • Does not induce serology; can be used in combination with MG serology program
  • Follow MG infection on the farm, by which the DIVA principle is possible
  • Compatible with antibiotic programs

Freeze dried vaccine

  • Easy to store, transport and prepare

Vaccine take can be measured

  • Pox take test, to check and audit vaccine application

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