Field Experience wth the use of Vector Vaccine, Vectormune FP-MG in Broiler Breeder Farm, Malaysia

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Gesing Group is a poultry company located in the south of Peninsular Malaysia where majority of broilers are produced. The company is integrated with commercial breeders, hatchery, feed mill and processing plant.

In Malaysia, Mycoplasma gallicepticum (MG) is endemic and causes significant economic losses to the poultry industry. Today, though flock health programs such as vaccination and usage of antibiotics are practiced to prevent MG infection, the incidence of MG infections is still prevalent. Moreover, extensive usage of medication in preventing MG, not only results in high medication cost but also might cause antibiotic resistant which may poses a new threat to MG control.

When Vectormune® FP-MG was introduced in Malaysia; it gives new option towards MG control for poultry producers. The efficacy of this FP vector vaccine in protecting breeder flock against MG challenge and vertical transmission was put to test.

In July 2011, a trial comparing the efficacy and economic value of Vectormune® FP-MG with antibiotic treatment was set. A flock of 9,500 broiler breeders was administered with Vectormune® FP-MG at 3 weeks of age while another flock of 9,500 broiler breeders was treated with antibiotic according to the dosage and regime recommendation of the supplier. Follow up of performance parameters, serological and PCR monitoring was done throughout the production period.

At the end of production, result showed better productivity, hatchability and higher saleable chicks with better economic value in Vectormune® FP-MG group as compared to antibiotic group. Despite MG challenge from environment during production period, PCR results in Vectormune® FP-MG group showed negative vertical transmission in progeny.

Based on the good performance result of this field trial, decision was made to vaccinate 100% of the broiler breeder with Vectormune® FP-MG vaccine. Usage of antibiotic was significantly reduced and less medication cost incur in production cost.

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