Field Experience with Vectormune® ND in Layers in Mexico

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Newcastle disease has been a major concern in the egg-producing hens in Mexico. Particularly, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, It has production of 70 million layers what is a very high risk area naturally.

The egg loses in this region are linked to multifactorial problems, one of them, and perhaps the most important is the viral challenge that causes an estimated loss of 10 eggs per housed hen. These losses negatively impact the regional poultry industry and increase the cost of egg production. Assessments made by adding to regional vaccination program the vaccine Vectormune® ND the laying hens were more productive than unvaccinated control, actually, these results were impactants so that most of the companies in this region includes this vaccine in their vaccination programs.

Economic performance in birds vaccinated with Vectormune® ND and unvaccinated control, shown a spread more than 320 grams. per housed hen. Another benefit we detected is the internal and external egg quality protection in favour the vaccinated birds.

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